Hot Import Nights Australia

Hot Import Nights is a curated event that will motivate and celebrate the local elite of the modified car community while retaining the aspects and values that make the 20+ years American brand unique, focusing on vibrant entertainment, car models and youth culture. In addition, the local HIN team have created a new lifestyle festival element to excite new and old HIN patrons alike, forming a collaborative melting pot for trend setters and influential identities in entertainment, fashion, technology, food and pop culture. HIN Australia will also explore the latest and greatest technological advancements, such as virtual reality, giving those pushing the envelope in any direction a place to feel at home.

HIN is an automotive lifestyle brand that advocates individuality, uniqueness and friendly competition, providing a platform where “you can be you”. HIN hopes to create a community in Australia where enthusiasts across the broad spectrum of lifestyle and culture can gather and celebrate their life-long passions.